Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use At Web Promotion Systems

1. No porn or hatred ads of any kind will be allowed in our ad platform or in our web hosting we give away free to all members.

2. No ad code's from other advertising providers this is necessary because we cannot control what ads may show up many other advertising providers do not monitor what shows up in their network,porn,hatred ads and more. Also our ad code's are not allowed to be inserted into other ad platforms many of them are basically spam machines or they use bots to create fake visitors. This causes unecessary server loads and also does not help the user in any way. Also you really never know what sort of ad's can show up on your site since many do not have any level of control built into their platform.

3. When hosted at Web Promotion Systems spamming is not allowed in any form this is covered in depth in our hosting video.

We only have a few terms and rules to follow. Our goal is to offer the best in quality web promotion and advertising possible if you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the contact link above.