What is Advertising Quality?
Web Promtion Systems advertising system is designed to maximize the most value for people and businesses by offering the lowest rates available on the net. We offer all advertising techniques currently in use today and more using the latest server technology.

Independent Ad Servers Mean Better Quality
We make sure all ads in our network can be displayed as fast as possible by using different servers each having a single job to do. This way it insures that our ads will display as fast as possible without adding any more load on our web hosting servers. Faster loading ads can help to insure in many cases that the web page they are on will also load fast. We are one of the few advertising platforms today that use different servers entirely for seperate functions.

How Is My Ad’s Quality Determined?
We measure the quality of your ad relative to other ads competing for the same audience by using quality ranking diagnostics. This is based from our advertising algorithms that are designed to check load speed,relevance and much more on the web page it is located on. Also checked is how fast the page loads when the ad is clicked on. We have seen some ads people place in our network when clicked on the url they lead to loads extremely slow. This can cause problems for you the publisher of that ad to lose a sale or worse the visitor will not visit your site again thinking there is something wrong with you site.

In certain instances, we’ll send you a notification so you know when low-quality attributes are severely affecting the performance of your ads or your web site. This is done so the user's of our marketing system can be made aware of any problems (For example a affiliate program dropping a product and not informing you and now the advertsiment they gave you the code for is no longer usable) Our system checks this for all members once a week and if any problems are found you are notified.

Ad Quality Tips
  • Do make sure your ads and landing pages are relevant and useful to your target audience. This is why we have a system built in that spiders your site and makes recommendations on what sort of products and ads would be a good match.

  • Do not use low-quality attributes in your ads and post-click experiences, including landing pages. Many ad providers claim the ad is promoting a certain product of service and when visited it leads to a huge up selling webpage or something like you need to purchase 3 items to get that price. It is a good practice to visit the web page the ad directs the visitor to and ask yourself would I purchase from this site?

  • (NOTE) We have made a video on this subject which is part of a free video training course made for people who are new to advertising on the internet. We show you every step on how to find the proper ad type's and placment. It covers everything from getting the ad to inserting it into the html of the web page and SEO videos as well. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the contact link above.